Manage Your Risk

“When you want something said, ask our competition.  When you want something done, ask Wilmes.”   When America’s biggest and best schools and universities need help, they turn to the only name they can trust – Wilmes. Because a good name is better than fine oil. With more than 20 years of expert risk control experience dealing with schools, cities, high risk firms (ammunition manufacturing, nuclear power plant cleaning, chemical manufacturing, construction); Fortune 500 insurance and finance companies; and several thousand California public schools, there’s one thing we’ve learned – you never avoid risk, you only manage it.

Our Philosophy on Risk

At Wilmes, LLC. we believe that science needs experiments, mountains need conquering, foods need slicing and dicing, and cars need to be raced.  Hands down, these things involve risk.  Simply avoiding these risks is not the answer.  Schools need to teach engineering and culinary science and businesses need to build rock climbing carabiners and chef’s knifes. Knowing how to do so safely is key to the organization’s success.

Your Business Objective, Our Risk Control Expertise

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on safety and risk management may not always be the best idea.  Our risk control team understands that each business is unique and each business has different objectives.  We match our risk control programs to your business objectives so you can concentrate on your core – whether it’s being the low-cost provider or the best luxury brand in the industry.

Beyond the Basics

Our team of school risk control experts focus on seeing the big picture.  Solving one small safety issue can often lead to bigger problems in other parts of the system.  We focus on understanding how all codes and best practices work together to form the best risk control strategies.  For example, we integrate OSHA, ADA, Building Code, Fire Codes, Education Codes, Business and Professions Codes and many other industry standards to ensure that your organization is not shortchanging another area of your business.