5 reasons the Amish were right about emergency planning

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Let’s face it, the only way you know if your emergency planning efforts were a success is if you are alive to ask the question.  When it comes to emergency planning, there are many different ways to think about it.  Heck, we even have our own calculator here.  Today, I wanted to look at another method of thinking about emergency planning – the Amish way.

Plan for a year

The Amish aren’t planning for 3 days or even 5 days.  They are planning for a full year of living on the resources that they have available when the event occurs.  Most school districts don’t have enough supplies on hand to make it through a day, let alone 3.  We think we are doing great if we have 3 days worth of supplies.  Challenge your agency to prepare for more than 5 days.

Practice daily

The Amish practice their skills on a daily basis.  They don’t use technology on a daily basis or zip from spot to spot at 70mph.  They practice survival skills every day, whether it is weathering the storm, starting a fire, cooking without electricity or communicating with the neighbor two miles down the street.  Are you able to do the same?

No power, no problem

Electricity – who needs it.  The Amish don’t base their plans on the use of electricity because they never use it to begin with.   They educate their students without power, communicate without power and cook without power.  As part of your emergency plan, practice communicating and educating students without power.  Have your food service folks learn to deliver hot meals without gas and electricity.

Work together

The Amish have a strong sense of community and that shows in barn raising and home building.  When the chips are down and you don’t have supplies or the physical strength, you will need to rely on your neighbor.  Building shelters, caring for the ill and cooking for masses is all part of working together.

Enjoy nature

Most of us see Mother Nature as something we visit when we are looking for a little adventure.  And when we do, we can’t believe the uncomfortable and unforgiving nature of Mother Nature.  We don’t like the bugs, the hard ground, the cold, the wet and the wild.  The Amish have learned to embrace Mother Nature and work with it to accomplish their goals and survive.  How will you do the same?

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