5 smart ways Wilmes improves public agency’s risk management programs

Here’s an excerpt from a recent panel discussion where Steve Wilmes explains his 5 step process for improving risk management and safety programs in organizations.

“The first step in our process is “Recon”, that’s when we scope out the condition of your facilities, neighborhoods, streets, and operations. We’ll read internet reviews about your organization on sites like Yelp and we’ll see what your employees think of their supervisors on sites like RateMyProfessor.com and other online review sites. We’ll see what your real commitment to safety is by researching government sites like OSHA for recent and past citations. If we’re looking at a City or Town, we’ll stop into local businesses and ask them what it is like doing business in the City. If we are looking at a school, we will arrive early in the morning and ask parents what they think about the Principal as they drop their kids off at school. Then we pull all the organizations policies, procedures and claims data. We get busy looking at how this works together and we focus in on the holes.

Step two is “Getting Real” this is when we walk into the risk managers office and tell him this is why he is failing. We tell him what his friends, spouse, and his subordinates won’t tell him – the truth. Then we tell him our plan for getting the organization back on track and have him allocate the resources to get it done.

Step three is all about “Training and Tools”. No matter how much training you do, if you don’t have the right tools to do the job, you will never be successful. Don’t believe me, try stopping a car with no brake pads. We order up the proper tools and then we get to work on training the staff. This is when I bring in the world’s best experts to give the staff the training they need and deserve. If they don’t or can’t learn from our trainers, then we have other decisions to make. From security experts, fatality investigators, contract language specialists and work comp professionals, we tackle every issue for the organization.

Step four is “Proofing”. Training is great, but it is never enough. We get proof that the staff is implementing the training and using the tools. This is when we come back and watch the staff do their jobs. We watch them operate the forklifts, inspect the playgrounds, manage the pool, control traffic and manage parents. This give us an opportunity to see if the staff really knows what they are doing and it allows us to make those minor adjustments.

Our final step is the “Handoff”. This is when we have completed all of our training , put all the procedures and policies in place, and got the right tools. Now that we have everyone working at their safest and best, it’s time for the organization to take control of the reins and lead their organization into the future.”

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