6 great foods to get rid of carpal tunnel


How to get rid of carpal tunnel

Inflammation! It’s the key problem in the body and especially as it relates to cancer and carpal tunnel. Stop inflammation and you help stop carpal tunnel. Dr. Agus tells us to control inflammation in the body to lead a healthy life. So, here’s some foods that help reduce inflammation and get rid of carpal tunnel.  Plus don’t forget to check out our free stretches at ErgoSelfie.com



Salmon has two sources of Omega-3 fats (EPA and DHA) which help control inflammation. Sure you can take a fish oil supplement but check with your doctor first.

Red Bell Peppers


Rich in antioxidants, red bell peppers have the effect of reducing the amount of inflammation in the body. Try to eat plenty of bright colored fruit and veges like tomatoes, carrots, red peppers, and salad greens. Try to make your plate look like a rainbow.



Walnuts contain ALA, the other Omega-3 fat, which drives down inflammation. Throw some in your salad or eat them straight.


This yellow wonder is perfect for nailing inflammation especially if you like spicy tasty foods. I sprinkle it on cottage cheese and add it to grilled meats. Indian food is generally rich in turmeric. So support your local restaurants.



B6 does wonders for inflammation and spinach is rich in B6. It acts as an analgesic, so getting eating your Popeye food.

Individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome may find relief from taking vitamin B6 supplements as a complementary therapy, according to some research. But B6 also can be found in rich supply in certain foods, such as spinach.



In my opinion there is nothing more satisfying than eating something as Pineapple while saying goodbye to inflammation. Pineapple contains bromelain which attacks inflammation and aids in digestion. Eat it however you like, but plain pineapple is always good.






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