6 unexpected uses for emergency drills

Emergency drills are the bane of most risk management departments.  They take forever to plan, most of the staff don’t want to participate and a lot of CBO’s and Superintendents don’t like to take time away from the educational day.  All that being said, emergency drills are a good idea and you can be reimbursed for doing them.

The next time you have to sell the idea upstairs, drop these 6 unexpected uses for emergency drills and look like a star.

Find out your supplies are old

There’s no better time to check your supplies than during the emergency drill.  And there’s no better way to get the new supplies that you need since all your staff will be screaming about how old the supplies are.

Team building

Our work days are super busy, so a little time outside the office commiserating about how awful the drill is, is a great way to build comradery.  On a serious note, staff have to work together to get through a very stressful situation.  Those are the types of situations that break down barriers and let people know they can count on each other.

Learn new skills

There’s a lot to be learned in life and the skills are transferable.  Shutting off water, gas, electric and treating injuries are all good life skills to know.  Learning CPR and other first aid techniques pays dividends throughout the school year.

Show parents you care about their kids

Nothing screams “we care” more than when you put safety above all else.  Making sure students are ready to make it home alive is the ultimate in “we care.”

Attract better talent and raise morale

No one enjoys working for the agency that doesn’t give a Blank.  Drills are a great symbol to employees that your priorities are in the right order.  And when they are, the word gets around.   While it may not come up as an interview question, you can bet that the employee applied because they heard good things about your agency.  The reverse is true here too, people that don’t care, won’t apply to work for you because you require too much effort.

Win awards and gain expert help

Ever notice how success begets more success.  Well, the answer is simple – people like winners and hate losers.  Everyone wants to be part of a winning team and agencies like to put their money in other agencies that are going to actually use the funds.  Once you get your drills together and show a little success you may be surprised who comes to help you get even better.  I know as I was asked to present my efforts at Hawaii’s Governor’s Conference some number of years ago.


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