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6 Ways Fire Extinguishers Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

Lawyers – who needs them?  You will if you don’t get these 6 things in order right now.  Below are 6 common reasons we find when looking at fire extinguishers that result in the need to call in the attorney’s after a fire has occurred.

You didn’t train your employees

Believe it or not, but CalOSHA requires any employee who will use the fire extinguisher to be trained.  Failing to train employees can lead to deadly consequences for the extinguisher user.  Make sure all your employees receive training and have some experience pulling the trigger on the device.

You used the wrong kind

You might be surprised to learn that not all fire extinguishers put out all fires.  This is especially true when dealing with kitchen fires that have oils and fats as their fuel source.  The proper extinguisher for a kitchen is K-rated, not an ABC.  Learn the differences, know the differences and make sure that you are putting the right extinguishers in the right areas.

They weren’t inspected monthly

Inspections help identify problems and deficiencies.  The last thing you want is your employee reaching for a faulty extinguisher in the face of a 800 degree fire.  Make sure that your extinguisher are ready to fight when you are.

You didn’t have enough of them

Every 75 feet is the general rule.  Time is precious in  a fire, so not having enough may result in fighting a bigger fire than you need to.  Make sure that you have extinguisher properly placed and in the right quantity.

You installed them too high

The ADA or American’s with Disability Act requires that items be in reach of wheelchair users.  Fire extinguishers are no exception.  When you install them too high or too low, your employees may not be able to reach them – which spells disaster for the everyone.

They are too old

When you get too old its time to hit the road.  The same holds true for fire extinguishers.  Recently the State Fire Marshall passed regulations making 1984 or older fire extinguisher obsolete.  Read our other post on the 1984 fire extinguisher regulations.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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