99 Ways to Use WeTip in Your School

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If you really want to stop crime, fraud, harassment and other unethical behaviors in your organization, then having an anonymous crime reporting hotline is the way to go.  For those of you who don’t know, I have been a member of WeTip’s Advisory Board for quite a few years now.  People are always asking me – how can I use WeTip in our school?  There a ton of great ways to use WeTip and here’s just a few:

Keychains; Posters; Coffee Mugs; Pencils; Zipper Pulls

Okay, so those are easy ones.  But what if you asked your insurer to give all it’s adjusters posters so when they went to a loss they could put the poster up right then and there.  And what if your insurance claim rep knew to call in for an incident specific flyer.  These are just a few of the really good ideas.

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