A new tool for fleet safety and it’s inexpensive

Managing fleets can be a serious challenge especially if you have to go it alone as many of us risk managers do.  Until now that is.  Big Data has finally become affordable for all organizational sizes and even on a personal level.  Enter Automatic.

For the past year I have been testing a device and app called Automatic in my vehicle.  Automatic sends you a dongle to plug into your vehicles On Board Diagnostics port and then the magic begins. The little device monitors your engine trouble codes, your trips with exact GPS locations, hard starts, hard stops, minutes over 70 mph and much more.  All that power in a device that fits in your hand.  And the best part is that all of Automatic’s users contribute to the rankings and system, essentially harnessing the power of Big Data to help you drive better.

Earlier this month, Automatic launched their second version of the device and connected it to 20+ applications that work with device to give you more information and control over your fleet.  They even included Automatic Fleet for powerful fleet management.  With this inexpensive device, you can save fuel costs, determine engine failures, track drivers and much more.  You can even create games/badges for new drivers.  This just may be the solution for your fleet.

tool for fleet safety
Provided by Automatic – Sample screenshot of fleet app


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