AB 2114 Anti-entrapment devices for public swimming pools

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AB 2114 of 2012 is seeking to require some additional anti-entrapment devices on your public swimming pool’s suction outlets.  It wants to require these on outlets that are less than 12 inches also.  Listen in on the podcast.

1)Purpose  . The intent of this legislation is to update current
            swimming pool safety standards to include the latest
            performance standards, technology and terminology. Primarly,
            current law uses the terms drains, main drain and suction
            outlet.  For example, the terms drain or main drain is a
            misnomer.  Pools cannot be emptied from the main drain that can only work if the pool is situated above ground level. In-ground pools cannot be drained from the main drain. The
            proper terminology is either a "suction outlet" or
            "circulation system."