AB1451 adds concussion signs and symptoms to coachs’ training

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There has been a lot of talk about concussions recently and the problem is a big one, however most of the remedies have used simple risk transfer techniques.  AB 1451 is seeking to add a section of training to the existing coach’s training that is already being regulated and administered.  Again, there is no one solution to fixing the issue of concussion, so multiple approaches must be used.  By training the coaches in the signs and symptoms of concussions, coaches should be more adapt at spotting these signs and symptoms thereby reducing the likelihood that students would continue to play when they may be experiencing a concussion.  This bill was last amended on June 15, 2012 so it bears further examination.  There really shouldn’t be any additional impact on school districts except that those coaches who have already gone thru training may need to find a stand alone course to take.