July 10, 2018

AB1825 Online Sexual Harassment Training

AB1825 California Sexual Harassment for Supervisors – 2 Hours


Categories: Risk Management
Includes 730 days access

Course Overview

Welcome to AB1825 with Wilmes. The only course with custom video skits, interactive audio and video presentations and geared completely to public agencies. At just $18, this is the best sexual harassment training you will ever access.

Welcome to Wilmes, LLC’s Online course for AB1825 Sexual Harassment for California Supervisors – 2 Hour Course

This course is designed to meet the California regulations under AB 1825 and AB 2053 (Abusive Conduct)

This course contains online videos, audio and text. To watch and listen to video clips, your computer system must have access to Vimeo.com as videos are streamed from their site. If you do not have access, then ask your IT professional to add wilmes.co and vimeo.com to the list of approved or just give them this link.

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