Are California charter schools exempt from the Field Act?

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California Education Code Section 47610 exempts generally charter schools.  Read the CA Attorney General’s Opinion number 96-1206  at

47610.  A charter school shall comply with this part and all of the
provisions set forth in its charter, but is otherwise exempt from the
laws governing school districts, except all of the following:
   (a) As specified in Section 47611.
   (b) As specified in Section 41365.
   (c) All laws establishing minimum age for public school
   (d) The California Building Standards Code (Part 2 (commencing
with Section 101) of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations),
as adopted and enforced by the local building enforcement agency
with jurisdiction over the area in which the charter school is
   (e) Charter school facilities shall comply with subdivision (d) by
January 1, 2007.

47610.5.  A charter school facility is exempt from the requirements
of subdivision (d) of Section 47610 if either of the following
conditions apply:
   (a) The charter school facility complies with Article 3
(commencing with Section 17280) and Article 6 (commencing with
Section 17365) of Chapter 3 of Part 10.5.
   (b) The charter school facility is exclusively owned or controlled
by an entity that is not subject to the California Building
Standards Code, including, but not limited to, the federal

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