The best ways to utilize online safety training

Let’s face it, online training is taking over the world, just not the world of school staff training – and frankly that is a shame.  While online training is a great tool and should be considered as part of your overall risk management training tool bag, it shouldn’t be used for all your training needs.  Here are a few of the best ways to use online training.

Refresher training

Every once in a while one of your employees may need to brush up on their skills.  Online training is a perfect tool for reminding the staff of the essential skills they have forgotten.

Makeup training

In person training is still the best in most cases, but when one of your staff members is out sick or on vacation they shouldn’t get to skip the training.  Offering the class online is the a great way to make sure that everyone gets the training they need and deserve.

Annual training

When your staff have been through the same training in person over the last 4 years, it’s time for some online annual training.  For example a course in heat illness is basic and can easily be delivered online.

To impress

Training is an extension of your organization. If the choice is between a boring safety presenter or a very impressive online experience, then opt for the online experience.  And you certainly don’t want to have new staff members go thru online training if it isn’t impressive.   If it is not impressive then you are sending the wrong message to those staff members.

As discipline

Just like makeup and refresher training, you can use online training as discipline for violation of the safety rules.  This is a great way to drive home points that need to be followed.


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