The Best Schools Use Wilmes

Wilmes knows Bay Area schools.  With its diverse and highly educated population, high concentration of tech and a community steeped in rebellion and open-mindness, risk management and loss control programs need to be fluid and flexible.  Northern California is a far cry from Southern California and at Wilmes we understand these subtleties.  We have the expertise to design programs that fit the needs of Bay Area schools while maintaining your focus on what’s important.  Education.

Whether it’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu or New York, we design risk management programs that work for you.  At Wilmes, LLC. we believe that science needs experiments, mountains need conquering, foods need slicing and dicing, and cars need to be raced.  Hands down, these things involve risk.  Simply avoiding these risks is not the answer.  Schools need to teach engineering and culinary science and businesses need to build rock climbing carabiners and chef’s knifes. Knowing how to do so safely is key to the organization’s success.

We invite you to explore our many services from our free blog, calculators and training to our innovative software such as, PEARL.