The biggest tip in ergonomics – do this one thing first

Ergonomics can be annoying and difficult.  Especially, when you are just covering the basics.  Say goodbye to ergonomic nightmares forever with single best tip.

Get the basics out of the way

That’s right, get the basics out of the way first.  A lot of staff don’t understand that they can raise their chair, tilt their keyboard, or move their monitor.  And that spells trouble all the way up the ergonomic chain.  The more complex stuff can’t be evaluated until you get the basics out of the way.  How do you do that.

Easy, use

The online software program walks users thru all the self-adjustments and allows them to concentrate on the things they can control.  We made a special deal for you.  You can try it for free. Just leave a comment or email us.

Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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