Do we have to perform bleacher and grandstand inspections?

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Schools are always asking us about bleacher inspections and they often believe that they have to follow the NFPA guides and use a Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Structural Engineer (S.E.).  The short answer is that you do not have to use these high level professionals, but you must use a “qualified” person to conduct the inspections.  That’s not to say that it is not a good idea to use a P.E. or S.E.. Unfortunately, we were not able to find a definition for the term “qualified” under the ICC.  Cal-OSHA has a definition which you can read in the article “What is a ‘qualified’ person under Cal-OSHA?”

The inspection requirement is an outgrowth of California Title 24, Section 1025.1, which adopts ICC 300 for compliance.  This all falls under Occupancy A for Assemblies.  ICC Section 501.2 directs that bleachers are inspected by a “qualified” person once a year.

Another common misconception is that schools do not have to inspect bleachers with less than 5 rows of seating.  This is not true, in our opinion, because the 5 rows is covered by the definition of a “school building” in Title 24 for structures that must be submitted to DSA for approval.  It’s a loose connection, but the point is to inspect your bleachers.  Either way you have a WC and GL exposure. Stay ahead of those.

Watch video of bleachers being abused.

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  1. Unfortunately, the definition of qualified person is, well, not defined. You would most likely need to fall back on industry type definitions – such as OSHA’s meaning for “competent” persons. The best way to define and undefined term is to use a law dictionary or webster’s. After that, it looks like your heading for the court of law to make the final say…. best to stick with the PE.

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