Series – Branding for Risk Management, Safety & Security – Part 1

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Okay, this is no surprise – your risk management department is viewed thru a negative lens.  Why, so is your safety department and oh yeah, let’s not forget your security department.  So, what is the problem?

I have been reading business books for a long time now (probably more than 200 in the last 10 years) – marketing books, sales books, leadership books, and many other types – they all have one thing in common – BRANDING.

It finally hit me a few days ago when I was talking with a colleague about their safety committee  and all the ghosts that showed up to it – seriously, not one person showed to the meeting.  It’s not the topic, it’s the BRANDING.  And what is this BRANDING that I speak of?

Branding in its simplest terms is a form of communication.  And frankly, most of us in risk management, safety and security suck at communication.  But truly it’s not our fault – we were at a disadvantage when we were born.  I mean who else has to deliver bad news every time someone wants to do something fun.  And who can stand all the urgent morning phone calls – this student committed suicide, our building was stripped of copper wire, darkness is descending in the form of the BIG ONE (earthquake, super storms, tsunami) – WE ARE ALL GONNA DIE TOMORROW!!!!!  We were born to be cynical, not the great communicators of how to do things safely!

So, how do we change our destiny?  How do we become positive people?  How do we develop great working relationships with fellow employees?  And how in the hell do we make our departments valued departments in our organizations?

The answer is communication and BRANDING.  The day is here that we start to change our role in the world and show it how valuable we really are.

In this series, I am going to teach you what Branding is, how to use it, and how to survive any future economic crisis.

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