Can I charge a student fees for parking, lost books and similiar things?

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There are some things that you can charge a student for in California and there are some things that you cannot.    The following sections of California Education Code spell what is an is not allowed.  In 2011, the ACLU filed suit against the State of California regarding the issue of charging fees.  The ACLU thought that some fees violated FAPE – free and appropriate public education.   The outcome of the suit required  AB 165 of 2011 to be submitted to the governor, fortunately or unfortunately, the AB 165 was vetoed and the fee structure remained.

The commentary on AB 165 is quite enlightening and I highly recommend spending a few minutes reading up on it.

  • pupil fabricated materials using district owned items 17551
  • food 38084
  • lost book 48904
  • transportation for field trips 35330
  • insurance 35331
  • community service classes 51815
  • adults for classes 52612
  • insurance 32220-32224
  • school band borrowers 38120
  • foreign country students 48050, 48052
  • adult classes 52615
  • adult textbooks 60410
  • school camp 35335
  • child card 8263e and 8250(d), 8487, 8488
  • fingerprinting of child 32390
  • home to school transportation 39807.5

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