Can tobacco be used by pupils on public K-12 school campuses?

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Every time I hear someone ask this question, I cringe.  I am reminded of my high school days in Missouri, where the high school had a designated smoking area for students who had permission from their parents or could prove that they were at least 18.  What were they thinking?

This is a very short answer – “no.”   Look in Ed Code Section 48901.  This also applies to school-sponsored activities off campus.  Think about field trips, camps, and the like.

Ed Code 48901. (a) No school shall permit the smoking or use of tobacco,
or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products, by pupils of
the school while the pupils are on campus, or while attending
school-sponsored activities or while under the supervision and
control of school district employees.
(b) The governing board of any school district maintaining a high
school shall take all steps it deems practical to discourage high
school students from smoking.

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