Can you train your staff in 9 minutes – we think so

Let’s face it, if we trained our employees on everything that OSHA required, that’s all we would do!  GHS or Globally Harmonized System has added another training requirement to the mix and the deadline for getting all of your staff trained is fast approaching.  If you actually want to enjoy a few pieces of candy, carve a turkey and exchange some gifts this holiday season, then getting the GHS Update training out of the way is your first priority.

With the average runtime on today’s videos coming in at 22 minutes schools and colleges are hard pressed to fit it in their schedule.  So the question remains, can we cram all that information into just 9 minutes?

Yes, Just 9 Minutes

GHS December Training VideoOne of our core philosophies here at Wilmes, LLC is to keep educational dollars where they belong – in the classroom.   And one way to do that is to keep the training short, effective and fun.  We are happy to announce that you can now train your staff in the required GHS Label Components and Safety Data Sheets in just 9 minutes.  Our new video – GHS Update for December 2013 covers the 6 label elements, the 9 pictograms and the 16 Safety Data Sheet sections.

True to our philosophy – the video comes in at just $29.95.  Now that’s a commitment to education.


Hope you enjoyed this article.  If you need more personalized assistance, you can work directly with us.  Reach out here.

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