Can we use ozone to sanitize our utensils?

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Yes, in California you may now sanitize food utensils with a solution of ozone.  It wasn’t until September 27, 2012 that AB 1427 was Chaptered authorizing the use of ozone.  AB 1427 added (b)(4) to California’s Health & Safety Code Section 114099.6.

ozone to sanitize The big push here was that ozone depletes quickly and cannot be shipped readily, so food facilities must generate their own ozone on-site.  This creates a number of issues due to the fact that ozone can be an indoor air quality irritant.  Now that there are appropriate machines to manufacture the ozone solution and all regulatory bodies have reviewed them and deemed them safe, more facilities want to start using them.  There are some benefits, like cheaper cleaning solutions, less impact on the environment and the like.

Just remember, that if you do choose to use this method, you must follow all regulations outlined in the various sections of code.

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