Dodgeball is not bullying

Researchers can’t leave well enough alone.  Dodgeball is under the limelight again.  This time by Canadian Researchers who never took a walk through childhood.  The relentless pursuit of demonizing everything about human nature is taking its toll on the high school experience. Many things in the research push the bounds of logic, but the most Read more about Dodgeball is not bullying[…]

Yoga banned in schools? Have we gone too far?

First it was the Pledge of Allegiance, next it was the American Flag, and now Yoga.  You might be thinking that the uproar of yoga pracitce is based in the thin stretchy garmets promoting sexual harassment while doing the downward dog.  But you would be wrong, dead wrong.  The uproar is over religion being taught Read more about Yoga banned in schools? Have we gone too far?[…]

Happy Valentine’s Day from President Trump

President Trump fired Cupid’s arrow right through Valentine’s Day with an important reminder to coaches and sports medicine practioners everywhere.  Trump signed S. 534, the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017,” which requires adults authorized to interact with certain minors and amateur athletes to report evidence of child abuse. Read more about Happy Valentine’s Day from President Trump[…]

AB1266 levels the playing field for transgenders

Governor Brown signed the controversial AB 1266 (amending CA Educ. Code section 221.5) this month in hopes to reduce bullying and level the playing field for students who identify with the opposite gender.  The bill allows for transgender students to utilize school facilities with which they identify with, including locker rooms, bathrooms and the like.  Read more about AB1266 levels the playing field for transgenders[…]

AB1451 adds concussion signs and symptoms to coachs’ training

There has been a lot of talk about concussions recently and the problem is a big one, however most of the remedies have used simple risk transfer techniques.  AB 1451 is seeking to add a section of training to the existing coach’s training that is already being regulated and administered.  Again, there is no one Read more about AB1451 adds concussion signs and symptoms to coachs’ training[…]

What is the concussion rule in football?

On May 7, 2010, CIF passed Bylaw 313 which made sweeping changes to help save student-athlete’s lives.  The rule basically states that if a player is suspected of having a concussion, they must be taken out of play and cannot return until they receive a doctor’s note from a licensed health care provider trained in Read more about What is the concussion rule in football?[…]