Will social media be a protected activity?

To Protect or Not To Protect Social Media has exploded over the last 5 years and it is certainly here to stay. Social media offers a great venue to voice your opinions, share photos, and connect with friends and co-workers. On the flip-side, protection from sexual harassment, discrimination and other protected activities are increasing. The Read more about Will social media be a protected activity?[…]

ASTM F1487 changes playground requirements

New ASTM F 1487-11 Standard ASTM Standard F1487-11 is here and if you haven’t yet read it, you should. There are multiple changes in this standard from the previous versions and many will affect your playgrounds.  So, you’re probably saying to yourself,  but wait just a minute there – we use the CPSC Handbook 325 Read more about ASTM F1487 changes playground requirements[…]

Food Trucks Getting Closer – AB1678 from 1500 to 500 feet

The food truck craze is on and it might be here to stay.  Currently in Los Angeles County, mobile food selling is allowed with in a 100 foot radius around a school campus.  While this isn’t necessarily right on top of the school it is certainly within walking distance for students during lunch.  The big Read more about Food Trucks Getting Closer – AB1678 from 1500 to 500 feet[…]

Ladder Safety – Cal-OSHA Consolidates

Big Steps in Ladder Safety We’ve been asking Cal-OSHA to simplify Title 8 regulations for years and our wish has finally come true.  Regulations regarding the use of portable ladders, whether in construction (CSO) or general industry (GISO) has been consolidated into one easy-to-read Section – Section 3276 of Title 8.  While there are still Read more about Ladder Safety – Cal-OSHA Consolidates[…]

AB1451 adds concussion signs and symptoms to coachs’ training

There has been a lot of talk about concussions recently and the problem is a big one, however most of the remedies have used simple risk transfer techniques.  AB 1451 is seeking to add a section of training to the existing coach’s training that is already being regulated and administered.  Again, there is no one Read more about AB1451 adds concussion signs and symptoms to coachs’ training[…]