Heat Illness Still An Issue

Yesterday I was asked to walk a new construction site to help complete permit application that the construction manager forgot to submit.  During the walk thru I noticed something was missing –  water.  It was late in the afternoon and the temperature was around 85 degrees. There were still 23 guys on the project, but Read more about Heat Illness Still An Issue[…]

GHS Training Deadline Fast Approaching

Federal OSHA and California OSHA have both adopted the GHS (Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals) as part of the Hazard Communication standards.  While the system will be phased in in the United States, training is one of the first things to be required.  By December 2013, all affected employees (including school Read more about GHS Training Deadline Fast Approaching[…]

New Classroom Safety Video is here

Our newest safety video addresses the major hazards typically found in the classroom. This is a great video for teachers to view at the beginning of each school year. It also identifies some of the common issues that teachers typically don’t think about when working in their classrooms. Watch the Sample Clip Classroom Safety for Read more about New Classroom Safety Video is here[…]

The difference between “local” and “mechanical” could save your life

Every year, thousands of employees suffer respiratory irritations, disease and sometimes death due to their lack of understanding regarding ventilation types.  And one of the biggest issues is knowing that mechanical ventilation is local exhaust, but local exhaust is not mechanical ventilation.  It’s like understanding that a tomato is a fruit, but you never put Read more about The difference between “local” and “mechanical” could save your life[…]

Better late than never – still holds true with Cal-OSHA

One of the most common questions we get asked when it comes to reporting injuries is – “we missed the 8 hour window, should we still report this injury to OSHA?”  And it is always a tough one to answer.  Legally, we would NEVER advise you not to report an injury to OSHA.  But when Read more about Better late than never – still holds true with Cal-OSHA[…]