Childcare facilities require 120 hours (not 72) notification for pesticide application

Many of us are familiar with the Integrated Pest Management program for schools.  However, one area that often overlook is the notification period for childcare facilities which reside on our near our campuses.  The requirement for notification is different for childcare facilities than it is for the general school site.  It requires a 120 hour notification period.

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(a) It is the policy of the state that effective least toxic pest management practices should be the preferred method of managing pests at schoolsites and that the state, in order to reduce children’s exposure to toxic pesticides, shall take the necessary steps, pursuant to Article 17 (commencing with Section 13180) of Chapter 2 of Division 7 of the Food and Agricultural Code, to facilitate the adoption of effective least toxic pest management practices at schoolsites. It is the intent of the Legislature that all school personnel involved in the application of a pesticide at a schoolsite be trained in integrated pest management and the safe use of pesticides in relation to the unique nature of schoolsites and children’s health.

(b) (1) (A) A property owner of a property where a child day care facility is located, or the property owner’s agent, who personally applies any pesticides on an area listed in paragraph (2) shall provide notice to the child day care facility as described in paragraph (3) at least 120 hours before the application, unless an emergency condition, as defined in Section 17609, exists.
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