Cities increase revenue and aesthetics with this art hack

If there is one common thread among cities, it’s that they are all in need of more money.  So, how do you increase revenues without upsetting the residents? In one word – Art.   Sewer cover art that is.

Let’s head over to Japan for a fun, simple idea.

Sewer cover art

A worker installs a new manhole cover, with a design bearing Japanese character Hello Kitty’ at Tama Chuo park in Tama city, Tokyo Prefecture, on Nov 21, 2017.PHOTO: AFP

Manhole covers are everywhere along with utility covers.   They are usually boring, drab colors that are made to blend in.  Nothing attractive per se.  So, why not have a little fun with them and generate some revenue for your city in the process.  Charge a fee to place fun advertisements and art on the sewer covers.  I would highly recommend keeping 10% of the covers free of charge for non-profits and artists.

The real double benefit is that Art attracts visitors from all over.  Just think about the photographers who travel to Belgium to snap photos of the murals along throughout the city.  Or the millions of people that visit the walk of fame in Hollywood just to snap a photo of a celebrity star (even though they pay the Historical Society big bucks for that star).

Now, go ahead and make some money and have some fun in the process. I look forward to seeing the art in your city.

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