Coming soon to a campus near you! Milo. Are you ready?

The question of free speech rains supreme in the United States and especially in California, but when it comes to speech that may incite or result in violence, what should a campus do?  Whether you agree or not with the political statements made by someone such as Milo Yiannopoulos is not an issue, what is an issue is the preservation of life and property.  Ultimately that which the school district or University Campus will look to insurance or tax payers to fund.

This case is an example of the tough decisions that school administrators need to make on a regular basis, but when it comes to Freedom of Speech, administrators should consider the following:

  • Is student safety a concern based on the speech or expression?
  • Is there a school rule that prohibits the speech or expression in question?
  • Is there a political message ?

I dug into this issue previously which you can read about in the below post, but the issue is this.  If the University or the School District (or the City for that matter) cannot guarantee the safety of its student population and the prevent the destruction of its property, then there may be a justifiable reason not to allow the speech to occur.

Live Oak School District tells students no Freedom of Speech here.

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