Do I have to have a physical to play football?

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California Education Code Section 49451 allows for parents or guardians to exempt their child/student from having a physical exam.  While allowed, we have to look to CIF to see if they allow for an exemption.  The CIF Bluebook 2009 is the rulebook for the Southern California Section.  Article 30, Section 308, follows California Education Code 49451, allowing parents who follow the regulations of the Ed Code to also exempt their students/child from the CIF requirement for physicals.

49451.  A parent or guardian having control or charge of any child
enrolled in the public schools may file annually with the principal
of the school in which he is enrolled a statement in writing, signed
by the parent or guardian, stating that he will not consent to a
physical examination of his child. Thereupon the child shall be
exempt from any physical examination, but whenever there is a good
reason to believe that the child is suffering from a recognized
contagious or infectious disease, he shall be sent home and shall not
be permitted to return until the school authorities are satisfied
that any contagious or infectious disease does not exist.

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