Do I have to secure bookcases to the wall?

Yes, you should to prevent these types of items from tipping over during an earthquake.  This could be covered under the Title 8 (Cal-OSHA) general duty clause – which covers everything.   But, we found something a little better and more relevant to the issue.  While the book is  older and very difficult to find, it gives a nice measurement for determining which bookcases should be secured.

The book was published by California’s old OES (now Cal-EMA) and it was entitled “Identification and Reduction of Nonstructural Earthquake Hazards in California Schools by OES”.  It’s a 1990 black and white printed book and is a real treat to read.  Under Arnold Schwarzenegger the book was updated and can be found at$file/SB1122-as.pdf    I would still suggest hunting down the 1990 version – it’s a great read.

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