Do I need to follow IPM – Healthy Schools Act of 2000 for Head Lice treatments?

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This is another one of those “it depends” answers.  What does it depend upon?  The method of treatment.  There are many pesticides that can be used to treat lice in a school environment, some are natural and therefore are exempt from reporting requirements unhealthy schools act of 2000der the Healthy Schools Act of 2000.  To determine whether your particular pesticide is exempt you would need to get your hands on the Safety Data Sheet (SDS – new term under GHS) and then compare it against the lists of exempted pesticides.   If you can’t find it there, then you need to check to see if it is registered with the EPA.  So on and so forth….

More than likely you are going to notify parents that there is an outbreak of lice in the school.  At that point, you should make the notification to the parents that you will be taking proactive steps to eliminate the head lice through the use of a pesticide.  It is always best to make the notification if you are 100% certain that it is exempt.

The list of prohibited has been revised.   Get it here These prohibitions kicked in on October 1, 2010

The list of EXEMPT pesticides is listed here:

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