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I keep finding a common thread running through my in-person training sessions and I think it is something work writing about here.  Don’t be stupid.  It seems more and more evident that many of the incidents and threats to human safety are based in acts of stupidity and utter failure to look at unintended consequences.  Common Sense, which means solid judgment, and Conventional Wisdom seem to have disappeared.  I am not quite sure when it happened or what triggered it, maybe iPhones and “fake news”, but it is here to stay.  In honor of our common theme, Mike Nease and I launched a new podcast series which highlights some of the most egregious stupidity stories you have ever heard.

Here’s a taste of one.

DON’T BE STUPID! Episode 002: Disaster Drills Gone Horribly Wrong


Don't Be Stupid 002

This week’s installment of our new segment “DON’T BE STUPID!” comes from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India where a fake safety instructor was attempting to show a group of students how to “safely” evacuate a building by trying to get one of them to jump from a third story balcony! Let’s just say it didn’t end well. Listen in to the epiosode to find out what happened…

Check back next week for another episode of DON’T BE STUPID! Where we bring you lessons from real world situations (from all around the world) of people just plain being STUPID!

Listen to the episode for our full conversation!


  • ‘Fake’ trainer pushes 19-yr-old TN student to death during disaster drill – READ ARTICLE
  • Tamil Nadu Mock Drill Death: Man Who Helped Procure Fake Certificate For ‘Trainer’ Held – READ ARTICLE
  • Conman or trainer? Who is Arumugam, the man arrested for TN girl’s death? – READ ARTICLE


Keep an eye out for our new podcast mini-series “THIS IS MY NO” COMING SOON!

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