The downfall of technology – cyrptocurrency, activity trackers and much more

You have got to love technology.  As tech starts to permeate every facet of our lives, it is important to exercise caution when using it.  With the latest heist from Coin Check of more than $500 million, you have to ask yourself, is any of this safe?  This last year has proven that tech is far from secure with hacks into Equifax and most recently Strava fitness activity maps being hacked and exposing our military bases’ secret locations to the masses.  So far from secure that it may be better to stay off the grid when it comes to this stuff.

In a previous interview with Kerrigan Malek, we discussed the biggest problem with tech – risk and security are some of the last pieces to be integrated.  The other big stumbling block is that hackers don’t quit – something many of us could learn a thing are two from.

Before you purchase new tech or be part of the early adopters, here are a few things to ask

  • Maintenance update schedule
  • Bug reporting and how do they fix it
  • Who does the programming
  • Where is the data stored
  • What is the level of encryption
  • If they co-share space, what is the level of facility
  • Do they have insurance

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