Dr. Diana Smith of Tucker County Schools is Awarded the End-of-Summer Risk Management Grant

We would like to congratulate Dr. Diana Smith on receiving the End of Summer Risk Management Grant.  Wilmes, LLC Risk Control Services awarded $250 to Tucker County Schools in West Virginia to assist the District in building it’s anti-bullying campaign.  “We were very pleased to receive Dr. Smith’s grant application for an anti-bullying program.  Bullying is a huge issue in schools and workplaces today.  Helping schools take proactive steps to eliminate bullying is important to Wilmes, LLC and we were happy to assist Tucker County Schools.”

In addition, Wilmes, LLC provided Tucker County Schools with a copy of its Disaster Events Tabletop Exercises and a copy of The Risk Control Show Volume 1, as well as 20 free passes to The Choking Game for Police, School Resource Officers, and Security on TrainMyCrew.

Please help us congratulate Tucker County Schools on their grant award.

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