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Why Emergency Supplies Should Be 1 of the 7 Deadly Sins


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Gluttony – Hoard All Your Emergency Supplies

Emergency supplies and the 7 deadly sins!  You’re probably thinking – what in the [blank] do they have in common?  For the most part you would be correct – there isn’t a lot in common in the relationship between the 7 deadlies and emergencies.  But lurking in the far dark corner, there is a lone deadly that you should become very familiar with when you are planning for an emergency.  – GLUTTONY.

Don’t load up your plate just yet.  I don’t want you to focus in on the eating part of gluttony, but rather the good part of gluttony- the part that is going to help you survive every disaster that Ole’ Mother Nature ever throws at you – “habitual greed” or “over-consumption”.

Deadlysins.com says this about gluttony – “What it is: Gluttony is an inordinate desire to consume more than that which one requires.”  And when it comes to emergency supplies that is the right attitude to have.  Most of us don’t have the budgets, the manpower or the horsepower to get our organizations properly provisioned for emergencies.

Emergencies require you to have resources and lots of them.  You will drink more water than you ever have a) because that’s all you have b) you are working far harder than you do during a normal day.  You will need more soap, more band aids, more blankets, tools, candles, etc.  Not to mention all your friends, neighbors and strangers are going to come knocking on your door for a few handouts.  It is better to stock up on those supplies now when you have the chance versus right before you get notice of the emergency event.  So, the next time you start shopping for emergency supplies, be proud to be a gluttonous pig!

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