Ethics Laws – do you know them all?

With awareness of the need for better ethics in public agencies, it’s important to know what laws govern ethics in California.  Here’s a great list of ethics laws:

  • Laws prohibiting bribery (Pen. Code, § 68).
  • Conflicts of Interest under the Political Reform Act (Gov. Code, §§ 87100, 87103).
  • Contractual Conflicts of Interest (Gov. Code, § 1090 et seq.).
  • Conflicts of Interest and Campaign Contributions (Gov. Code, § 84308).
  • Conflicts of Interest When Leaving Office (Gov. Code, §§ 87406.3, 87407).
  • Limitations on the Receipt of Gifts (Gov. Code, §§ 86203, 89503, 89506).
  • Honoraria Ban (Gov. Code, § 89502).
  • Misuse of Public Funds (Pen. Code, § 424; Gov. Code, § 8314; Fair Political Practices Commission v. Suitt (1979) 90 Cal.App.3d 125; Stanson v. Mott (1976) 17 Cal.3d 206).
  • Prohibitions against gifts of public funds (Cal. Const., art. XVI, § 6).
  • Mass mailing restrictions (Gov. Code, § 89001).
  • Prohibitions against acceptance of free or discounted transportation by transportation companies (Cal. Const., art. XII, § 7).
  • Economic interest disclosure under the Political Reform Act (Gov. Code, §§ 87200 et seq.).
  • Brown Act (Gov. Code, §§ 54950 et seq.).
  • Public Records Act (Gov. Code, §§ 6250 et seq.).
  • Common law bias prohibitions.
  • Due process requirements.
  • Doctrine of Incompatible Offices (Gov. Code, §§ 1099).
  • Competitive bidding requirements for public contracts.
  • Disqualification from participating in decisions affecting family members (anti-nepotism laws).

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