FAA will require drone users to register

requiere drone users to register

The FAA will require drone users to register

On November 21, 2015, (on December 16, 2015 it was finalized – read the update) the FAA’s task force on commercial drones issued their final report for recommended drone practices.  Pilot registration was the main cut found on the chopping block.   Companies like Google, GoPro, Amazon, and Walmart participated in the development of the recommendations which helped keep them simple and fresh.  However; the rationale for pilot registration is reminiscent of a good old fashion gun ownership debate.  Sounds like “We need people to register to so we can issue fines if they do something wrong.”  While we don’t have to discuss the merits of this argument, I can confidently say that they FAA’s purpose appears to be all about making money.  And people who want to fly drones for nefarious reasons wont’ register.


While none of the recommendations in the report are binding at this point, it is clear that registration will be required at some point. Here’s a sneak peak at what the registration process will look like.

November 21, 2015
Page 5
The Task Force recommendations for the registration process are summarized as follows:
1) Fill out an electronic registration form through the web or through an application (app).
2) Immediately receive an electronic certificate of registration and a personal universal
registration number for use on all sUAS owned by that person.
3) Mark the registration number (or registered serial number) on all applicable sUAS prior to
their operation in the NAS.
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