Fix every risk management issue you have with this one thing

The problem in risk management is that we chase too many cool things.  The shinny objects.  The bells, whistles and things that will adorn us with coolness.  Sound familiar?  Sure it does.  Then why do you still chase it?

When there is a problem

When we have a problem in risk management we usually search for complex products and services to solve it.  Big Data is a prime example of that. We want to have dashboards, charts, graphs and so much other analytical data that we over look the one thing that will solve it all.  The basics.

The basics

Yes, the basics.  You hae to get the basics right before you can move on.  Big Data won’t work unless you have your basic data collection skills in order.  You must understand the difference between exhaustiveness and exclusiveness.  You must be able to properly capture and code data, before you try to bring in all the Big stuff.

The same holds true for every other risk management issue you face.  Want to stop slip and falls – wear good shoes.

Want to get people to report their injuries – make it easy, fast and then take care of them.

Want to preven automobile incidents and forklift injuries – maintain your equipment.  Get it tuned up and fix the blinkers, lights and brakes.  Just the other day I performed a utility cart trianing and the street-legal cart had burnt out tail lights.

Want to get people to training – communicate the date and time and make it fun.

Want to make people healthy – stop buying high-calorie junk food and start serving quality food instead.

Want people to stop being stressed out at work – get them out of the office on time which means you have to hire enough people to acutally do the work.

Get it right

Look there is no way to do the complex without doing the basics.  Get the basics right and everything else will fall into place.  Next time you are struggling with an issue, go back to the basics and see where you dropped the ball.  Fix that and the rest, well….

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