Food Safety Certificate – Where in the code is it?

Look in the California Health and Safety Code Section 113716

113716. (a) (1) On or before January 1, 2000, each food facility
shall have an owner or employee who has successfully passed an
approved and accredited food safety certification examination. For
purposes of this section, multiple contiguous food facilities
permitted within the same site and under the same management,
ownership, or control shall be deemed to be one food facility,
notwithstanding the fact that the food facilities may operate under
separate permits.

113733. (a) All animal byproducts and inedible kitchen grease
disposed of by any food facility, except restaurants, shall be
transported by a renderer licensed under Section 19300 of the Food
and Agricultural Code, or a registered transporter of inedible
kitchen grease, licensed under Section 19310 of the Food and
Agricultural Code. Nothing in this section prevents a food facility
from transporting its own animal byproducts in its own vehicles to a
central collection point. For the purposes of this section, inedible
kitchen grease does not include grease recovered from an
(b) “Restaurant,” as used in this section, means any coffeeshop,
cafeteria, short-order cafe, luncheonette, tavern, cocktail lounge,
sandwich stand, soda fountain, private and public school cafeteria or
eating establishment, in-plant or employee eating establishment,
studio facility, dinnerhouse, delicatessen, commissary, hotel or
motel food service operation, and any other eating establishment,
organization, club, including veterans’ club, boardinghouse,
guesthouse, or political subdivision, that gives, sells, or offers
for sale, food to the public, guests, patrons, or employees, as well
as kitchens in which food is prepared on the premises for serving
elsewhere, including catering functions.

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