Food Trucks Getting Closer – AB1678 from 1500 to 500 feet

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The food truck craze is on and it might be here to stay.  Currently in Los Angeles County, mobile food selling is allowed with in a 100 foot radius around a school campus.  While this isn’t necessarily right on top of the school it is certainly within walking distance for students during lunch.  The big push to stop obesity in youth has been seen in many recent bills – from removing sugary snacks in vending machine to no soda on campuses.  One area that was overlooked was mobile food facilities (food trucks, vendor carts) – see these folks can sell most anything they like, whenever they like.

AB 1678 started out strong by placing a 1500 foot boundary around the school campus.  This would prevent most treks during school lunch periods, but that same 1500 boundary would basically put every food truck and vendor cart out of business in the bigger cities of California.  See schools are everywhere in California, some districts have 9 schools within a 2 mile radius.  2 schools just 3001 feet away from each other would have an effect radius of 6000 feet -that’s a little over a mile.    AB 1678 has since been amended to reduce the radius to just 500 feet, which may still prove a little too much in some areas.

This bill has not had any movement since March of 2012, so the likelihood that we will see any new requirements is slim, but keep your eyes open.