Free gift from insurance company costs school $5,000

The old adage “buyer beware” never rang more true than it did again today as a client described a mess they were in.  When it comes to free safety plans from your insurance company, it pays to be “deathly afraid” and aware of what you are getting.    All too often IIPP’s are downloaded from websites, sometimes Cal-OSHA directly and given to the insureds and many times they are junk.

Insureds or members of group insurance programs are happy to receive these so-called “free” plans and put them into action.  What they don’t realize is that the plan they got has nothing to do with their industry or specific location.  Not that some generic plans aren’t good, it’s always best to tailor the plan to your specific situation.  And this is something this client didn’t do.

The result – a big citation from Cal-OSHA is on it’s way.

Protect Your Organization

When you get a free plan or download one from the web, you better know what you are doing.  Go over this plan and tailor it.

If you are really smart, just a hire a firm to write a custom plan for you.  It’s just a few extra dollars and it is sure to better than the free “marketing” safety plans you get off the web.

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