Great City Schools Use Wilmes

Wilmes knows urban schools.  At Wilmes we understand the challenges that urban schools face.  Diversity and density being at the core.  Providing programs that meet the needs of all staff and students is our primary focus.  And making those programs work in fast-paced environments is key.  At Wilmes, we design risk management programs that reduce risk while maintaining education as the focus, because without education, schools are no longer schools.

Whether it’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, Honolulu or New York, we design risk management programs that work for you.  At Wilmes, LLC. we believe that science needs experiments, mountains need conquering, foods need slicing and dicing, and cars need to be raced.  Hands down, these things involve risk.  Simply avoiding these risks is not the answer.  Schools need to teach engineering and culinary science and businesses need to build rock climbing carabiners and chef’s knifes. Knowing how to do so safely is key to the organization’s success.

We invite you to explore our many services from our free blog, calculators and training to our innovative software such as, PEARL.