How to steal a laptop from school.

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Want to know how to prevent a laptop thefts in schools? Put them in a real safe, like the ones American Security sells.

Too Many Laptop Thefts From Schools

Over the years, I have taken several reports of laptop thefts from school classrooms.  And one of the first questions I always ask the risk manager is “were the computers locked up?”  If they answer yes, inevitably it is followed by “in a laptop cart”.   It’s the last link in your security chain and unfortunately, the weakest.

How Easy Is It To Break Into A Real Safe

Laptop carts are super easy to break into.  And the so-called real safes that you purchase at big box stores aren’t much better. That’s why I worked with a safe designer to re-purpose the interior of a real California approved gun safe to hold, charge and protect laptops.  Sure, it might cost you $1,500, but your insurance deductible will quickly eat that up.  Not to mention the depreciation of the computer itself.

Steve’s safe in the South Bay produced a great video (watch it below) on how easy it is to break into the so-called real safe.   These are the better quality safes you can find at discount retailers.  When you watch the video, ask yourself how you think the laptop cart would stand up to these thieves.  Heck, most of the time they just roll the cart away.

Get A Real Safe

The Next time you are considering purchasing something to protect your laptops, skip the laptop cart and get a real safe.  Not one from a big box retailer, but one from a true safe professional.  Have it bolted to the floor – these things way several hundred pounds and you don’t want it tipping over on kids in an earthquake.  Make sure to get the electronic lock, since key audits are a nightmare.  Then lock them up and get some sleep at night.

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