Is “Resiliency” the new focus of emergency management?

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I am here in Long Beach at the CEMHS conference

focus of emergency management listening to a presentation by Dr. Christine Springer of UNLV. Dr. Springer is speaking on the topic of “resiliency” in emergency management.

Dr. Springer goes over 13 of some 26 odd definitions of “resiliency” in emergency management found published in various places over the years. So, why don’t we here this term more often?  I think it is because we have shifted our focus to “preparedness”.  Unfortunately, preparedness gets a bad rap.  People don’t want to spend their money on preparedness, they want to spend their money on things that are going to help generate future revenues and create bigger cash flows. That’s what “resiliency” does.

“Resiliency” helps you get back to money making, educating and prospering much faster than being prepared ever would.  While they have similar meanings, the focus is slightly different and that is what drives people to better deal with emergencies.

What are some of the benefits of this terminology?

  1. Better focus.
  2. More involvement.
  3. Opening schools and businesses on time.
  4. Improving resource allocation.
  5. More lives saved.
  6. Faster training.
  7. Better training.


Thinking in these terms could change the way you think about emergency preparedness and ultimately make you organization better prepared overall.  Give it a try!