Is there a speed limit for Segways?

So, your security guards have requested the use of Segways to get around campus.  The first thing we have to remember, just like unlicensed golf carts, these should not be operated on public streets.  Next, speed kills, so beware of the vendor you purchase these from.

In regard to our question of speed limits, yes, there is a speed limit for Segways and other personal assistive mobility devices.  The speed limit is 12.5 mph, anything faster than that and it is no longer a legally operated EPAMD…  See California Vehicle Code Section 313.  The code does allow for the operation on sidewalks, but not if doing so creates a dangerous condition.  When considering the purchase of an EPAMD for use as a security vehicle, you should consider offering training on the EPAMD’s use and ensure that all appropriate safety features are available.

There are a variety of codes to related to this issue, including:  467, 21280, 21280.5, 21281, 21281.5, 21282

313. The term “electric personal assistive mobility device” or
“EPAMD” means a self-balancing, nontandem two-wheeled device, that is
not greater than 20 inches deep and 25 inches wide and can turn in
place, designed to transport only one person, with an electric
propulsion system averaging less than 750 watts (1 horsepower), the
maximum speed of which, when powered solely by a propulsion system on
a paved level surface, is no more than 12.5 miles per hour.


In addition to parking issues, you will need to be concerned with its power source and the proper charging location as well.

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