It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week

In light of the Oklahoma tragedies, we are kicking off the week a little early.  We know hurricanes and tornadoes are different, but the results are the same.
Now’s a time to celebrate all the good things Mother Nature brings us and prepare for her wrath.  To help you get prepared we are giving away one Disaster Event DVD each day this week.

To enter for a chance to win, simply go  here and leave us a comment – something like “This video will really help us prepare” or “We got prepared with this video”.  Each day we will pick one lucky winner.

4 thoughts on “It’s National Hurricane Preparedness Week

  1. I am always looking for insight to improve my emergency preparedness plan and reduce injuries and fatalities.

  2. Whether it is hurricanes or earthquakes there are things we can do to prepare. Thanks for your help Steve!

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