When do I have to hold a job accomodation meeting?

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Once an employer is notified of permanent restrictions that appear to conflict with the essential functions of the employee’s job, they are required by state and federal law (as well as it covering the 1st step in VR as in looking at Alt / Mod) to hold an interactive process / accommodation meeting. At this meeting the employee has the opportunity to address and requests for accommodation. The QRR vendor first confirm the restrictions, then compare them to the essential functions job analysis to note where the conflicts are. The employee is then given the opportunity to make suggestions for accommodation. Then, the employer is given the opportunity to respond and decide whether or not accommodation in the regular position is reasonable. If not, then they consider whether or not any posted openings are appropriate considering qualifications and physical demands. When an employer fails to provide the accommodation meeting, it leaves them open to ADA and FEHA claims of discrimination.

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