Let’s party and raise some funds on your school campus. I’ll bring the booze!

Alcohol on school campuses

Over the past decade schools have been prohibited from allowing alcohol on school campuses, but  Assemblymen Bigelow changed all that with AB 2073 which now allows alcohol to be served on school campuses under certain criteria.  Business and Professions Code always governed the use of alcohol on campuses and now that section 17 has been added it opens up a potential new funding sources for schools – the wine and cheese party!

In my humble opinion this new section of code opens a whole can of worms for school administrators.  On one hand we are trying to combat sexual harassment claims (AB2053) and on the other, we are inviting more of them by adding alcohol to the mix.

Business and Professions Code 25608 is now amended to read:

(17) The alcoholic beverages are acquired, possessed, used, or consumed pursuant to a license or permit obtained under this division for special events held at facilities owned and operated by an educational agency, a county office of education, superintendent of schools, school district, or community college district at a time when pupils are not on the grounds. As used in this paragraph, “facilities” includes, but are not limited to, office complexes, conference centers, or retreat facilities.



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