NLD Natural lines of drift – the key to staying safe

There’s a lot of emphasis on active shooters these days and rightly so.  The likelihood that one will enter your campus is rare, but if one does, the devastation will be huge.  So, what do NLD’s have to do with active shooters?

NLD or Natural Lines of Drift are the paths of least resistance when travelling from one place to another when taking into account modes of transportation – walking, biking, vehicle and the like.  Thing about it this way.  Are you going to walk the 200 yards down the sidewalk to get to the front door of the building or will you cut across the grass for the 50 yard short cut?  So, what does NLD’s have to do with active shooters.  Two things of course:

NLD provide additional targeting opportunities

Active shooters have one major objective – do the maximum amount of damage before being stopped.  Human’s are lazy and that means that NLD’s become  a great predictor of where people will travel, where they will bottle neck and where they will ultimately end up.  Shooters who are bent on hitting the maximum number of targets, will uses the NLD’s to stage/line up their targets.

Natural Lines of Drift provide perfect getaways

These NLD also provide a great way for active shooters to escape the campus.  Typically, these shooters will be more familiar with the campus than the local police department and sometimes even the campus staff.  That means that they can use these short cuts  and trails thru the weeds and buildings to make quick exits and remain un-captured.

Preparation starts with NLD

One of the first ways to protect your campus is to learn about the NLD’s on your campus.  Draw them out on a map and find out where they lead.  They scout them out.  Find out what is there and where people can hide along those NLD’s.  Shut down the NLD’s that lead onto your campus undetected.  For the remaining NLD’s make sure to put these into your planning efforts and learn how to train and deal with someone using those natural lines of drift.

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