Where are the occupant load posting requirements located?

This is always a tricky one for people because the regulations are not easily found on the internet.  The key to remember is that the code only calls for posting max load signage in rooms without fixed seating installed.  It may be overdoing it to post these signs in all rooms, but if you have rooms with fixed seating that are often used and overcrowded you may wish to consider posting this signage there as well.  This will help bolster your “failure to warn” defense.

Occupant load posting requirements (Max. Load = ) are located in the following codes and regulations in California:

Title 19, Section 3.30  and Title 24, Part 9, 1004.1.1 and 1004.3 posting

Any room having an occupant load of 50 or more persons where fixed seats are not installed, and which is used for assembly, classroom, dining, drinking, or similar purposes, shall have the capacity of the room posted in a conspicuous place near the main exit from the room. Posting shall be by means of a durable sign having a contrasting color from the background to which it is attached. Signs shall be of an approved type and shall be maintained in a legible manner by the owner or his authorized agent and shall indicate the number of occupants permitted for each room use. No person shall deface or remove such signs except as authorized by the enforcing agency.

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