One simple tip to lighten the load for police and security officers

Maglite flashlights are some of the best and most dependable light sources a school police officer or security guard can carry.  They are big heavy beasts which can be used partially as a nightstick for emergency situations or to tap out a window to escape fires or rescue people.  But those big dependable flashlights also have a dark side – they can become a burden to carry 8 to 12 hours a day.  Grab three, four or five “D” size batteries and you will quickly see what I mean.  But there is a simple solution….

Sanyo developed an excellent rechargeable battery when they created the Eneloop.  Then they went a step farther and created the perfect accessory – a “C” and “D” size adapter that utilizes the power of a “AA”.  That simple little invention drops the weight of the battery by 75%.  And when you replace three “D” batteries, it’s like you are carrying 3/4 of one “D” battery.  The weight drops immediately.  A picture from Sanyo of the adapters is featured to the right.police and security officers

Dropping that weight can have a long-term effect on the officer carrying  the flashlight 8 to 12 hours a day.  If the officers are worried about being able to use their flashlight as a tool for more than light, then they can choose to replace the butt cap with a “Bust A Cap Glass Breaker”


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